It's a Beautiful Life

perspective is everything






flowering flow collective

A collection of artwork, merchandise, accessory and apparel collaborations between myself and many other incredibly talented artists!

“Isn't this Universe wildly fascinating? I am deeply inspired by the divine sense of creativity lurking inside each and every one of us, and a divine inclination to spread this truth. My aim is to share my fire with the world, my search for creativity is a lifelong quest. There are no words for how amazing it is to try and capture the immeasurable; color, movement, shape, light, depth, emotion, ideas and memories. How perplexing and enticing it is attempting to translate these perspectives and a lifetime of experiences into our dimension for you to enjoy, for you to feel, for you to wonder, question, connect. To me, everything about art is art. I'm just flowing with this life and the lessons it teaches me, desperately hoping to spread some light to those in my path, remind you of all things divine and provide art as a cure for all things not. I am here to quench an undying thirst to explore and expand my inner world, all the while uncovering and sharing the delicious secrets of the one I live in and all the magic held within it.”


“It’s a Beautiful Day” Gallery Lounge & Exhibit

Current collection

An Immersive solo gallery lounge & exhibit featuring artwork by Kayleigh Perez & celebrating the debut of her newest artistic adventure & company - It’s a Beautiful Life, LLC. The event showcased and highlighted all of her original paintings and creations up until now in 2019, dating as far back as her very first painting in 2004. Featuring artwork, written poetry, ceramics, live painting, henna tattoos, card readings, cacao, a vending booth, an art raffle and more! .Music by experimental bass artists Mize & Salty.


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Live painting & gallery events



Heres to the wandering life, to all that this life will teach you.

Here's to hopping on the road and finding a home within ourselves.

Here's to expecting the unexpected, because you will learn that's as prepared as you can be.

Here's to feeling the fear and following through anyway, to a life of forcing growth upon ourselves.

Here's to standing tall in the face of obstacles and adversity, to welcoming these challenges with an open heart. Here's to everything that being on the road will teach you, the good and the bad. The beauty and the pain.

Here's to the tears of frustrations and hours of transit being met with priceless experiences and memories.

Here's to cherishing the inexhaustible variety of life and discovering simultaneously that we are also all the same. Here's to finding friends within strangers.

To finding adventures wherever our feet land, traveling to new places or seeing old ones in new lights.

Here's to finding sleep in hammocks and trains, showering in rivers and oceans.

Cheers to rich histories and cultures that welcome us.

To new foods, interesting architecture, foreign languages and fun new dances!

Here's to fulfilling this youth with a fiery determination and every day being better than the last.

Here's to wanderlust and a an undying thirst for adventure.

To the pieces of ourselves we find along the way, when we least expect it.

To new traditions and memories we will take with us,

from the places that have made a mark on our heart, and the laughter and love we will leave behind



be on the lookout for the release of my new travel photography/blog, & creative photography project in the near future…